Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There's a fine line between pleasure and pain...

Do I want the treat THAT much?
Ever since I've come to live at this new house I've been giving my humans a hard time about cleaning my nose wrinkle.  What pug doesn't?  I squirm and I struggle and I cry.  All of which I know works on her soft human heart.  Then I really like to confuse her and let her rub and massage my wrinkle when we're cuddling, as long as she doesn't come near me with the cloth.  Does she really think she can fool me?

Yesterday she decided treats were the way to get me to behave.  I must admit it worked.  Once I smelt that dried liver nothing could make me go away.  I still wasn't happy when she wiped my wrinkle, but I kept coming back for the treats.  She got me, and she got me good.  *puggy pout*


  1. Gosh, your puggy pout face is too adorable!
    Treats always do work- but crying and squirming makes the moms get done quicker!

  2. hehehe. your mommy isn't the softest heart you might think her to be, cuz she got you good!!! But you are right, every pug hates the cleaning of the wrinkles. Heck, if they had big googly eyes like us and saw something coming straight at their face, they would squirm, cry and wriggle away too!!!

  3. That picture of you two is so precious! Don't you hate it when our peeps get us like that with food?!?

  4. Folds are not easy to clean, and not fun to be cleaned.... but better to clean it than get some nasty infection.... I let my mama clean it.. hate it, but love the treat comes with it.

    Guess we are "suckers!!"


  5. Yep, you have been had! She pulled out the big guns, it's not really your fault, what pug can resist a snack?