Monday, December 12, 2011

What do you like to eat?

The rescue group put Kai and I on a special diet called BARF and my human has continued us on that.  I like it very much but sometimes I feel like I want more food.  Well I always want more food, but I mean that I'm really hungry, especially in the mornings.  Miss Mel didn't like us not getting breakfast so she came up with a solution.  We get fruit!  I think it surprised her that we'd eat fruit but honestly I just want something in my tummy!

Opaka eating banana. 
Kai chowing down on banana.

First try of apple, it took us a little bit to get use to the crunch.

But once we got into it my human had to go cut up a second one.


  1. Oh, I love fruit! Especially mango, but I'm not picky. I think every pug deserves a great breakfast like both of you are getting.

  2. I love fruit too! I love nana's, but I never get as much as you!! I want a whole nana too!
    Gee, your eating apples. I need to try that too.
    The photos of you eating your fruit breakfast is so cute!

  3. aw, what a great mommy!!! Just tell mommy to be careful of the apple seads, those are bad for little puggies, and NO GRAPES!!! :@{

  4. Sliced apples and baby carrots are our favorite. Neko is on diet forever due to his knee issue, he lost 5 lbs ... from 25 to shy of 20 lbs. He doesn't need Rimadyl any more! Oh, my mama gives us steamed green beans with kibbles when she thinks we are getting fatter. I love green beans.

    But I LOVE real human steak the most....who can say no to that?


  5. I love fruit too! Nana's are my favorite! I think I need one now...Mom...Mom...where are you?