Friday, November 11, 2011

All is the Couch

When I was little my mother taught me about the most important things for a pug. She told me about food, and our great desire for it. She also told me about needing companionship. Most of all though she talked about the Couch.

She said the Couch was different for us all, and we had to work hard to discover our personal Couch. I've always tried to be true to what I learnt in that short time with my mother.

I was quite shocked to discover at my home that I didn't have a couch at all, let alone my Couch. I was in a backyard with nothing as glorious as a couch. I knew that this wasn't what my mother was talking about and that somehow, someday things would get better.

Meanwhile I started working towards building my ideal Couch, it became a focus for me and I tried to teach Kai to do the same when he came to live with me. Together we have meditated for long hours on the Couch and what it means to us. I believe it is that concentration that has brought us here.

Today we arrived at a new home, our forever home. Here there is a couch and our new humans welcome us on it with them. I will continue to develop my vision of Couch and what it means to me though at this place where I'm starting to feel content. That is my life journey.

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  1. Hahaha I love this! How funny and cute!