Saturday, November 26, 2011

First Outing

Today our humans decided to take us for our first big outing.  There is a wetlands park near our house they've been wanting to explore and though it would be a great place to go with the both of us.  Sadly it turned out that there are no dogs (or cats) allowed at this park, not even on a leash!  So mostly we just did this....
Kai in his car seat, he kept bopping up and down.

Me in my car seat, I kept very still.
I like our new car seats, they make me feel a lot more comfortable in the car, but still I was looking forward to getting out.

Eventually we stopped and walked around an ordinary park, but I could tell the humans were disappointed.  I heard them mention something about a "beach" for next time, but I'm not sure what that is.


  1. How does that seat work??? We have never seen one like that in US or our human is old school? Beach? Sound yummy... what is it? You guys have to keep me posted on next adventure too.

    Yay, I think I beat Payton to this post today.


  2. Agreed, those seats look great!!! But I would bop up and down just like Kai. HAHA!!!
    I look forward to hearing about your beach adventures too!!!

  3. Geez, a 'park' that doesn't allow dogs? That's just not right! Can't wait to see your beach adventures though!

  4. Oh gosh, I know how disappointed you were- to see signs - NO DOGS ALLOWED.
    I was disappointed once before too when I saw those words.
    I know your parents will find the best place to take you for an outing, and we cannot wait to hear all about it. Your both very cute sitting in your car seats. You both have such kissable faces!

  5. Car rides are fun, and at least you got to go on a little adventure. But DW and Tweedles are right - those signs are just mean!

    PS. To Sammy and Neko, *sound of me sticking my tongue out at you both* Hehee!

  6. Sorry you didn't go to the park, but the beach will be much better anyway! You look so cute in your car seats.

  7. *Opaka's human here taking over*

    Thanks for stopping by everyone, hopefully we'll be getting out this weekend depending on the weather.

    Sammy and Neko, the seats are suspended from the back of the car seat and then have another strap that goes around the middle of the car seat to hold it in place. Then inside the seats there is a strip that hooks on to their harnesses. Where we live it's the law to have dogs harnessed in the car so we went all out to make Kai and Opaka comfortable. :)

    This is them if anyone is interested.

  8. hi m, o and k!
    oh we love your new car seat!
    we are going to check it out now!
    thank you so much for yoru sweet comment on our blog today.
    we are so thrilled you love making mother bears!
    you amde our day and we cannot wait to be able to come and visit more often as soon as the holiday time has slowed down a bit. :)
    we love your blog and hearing from you!
    thank you!
    m & a

  9. Hi Opaka and Kai
    Just stopped by to follow you. I love your story (not the bad stuff but the HOME stuff) and you two look really really nice. About those car thingys. . . do you really like them? I screamed when my Mommy put me in one and she returned it to the store. It scared me. Any suggestions to change this? I know being in one would be so much safer. Right now I have a car harness but as tight as Mommy makes it - I still wiggle out of it.
    Love Noodles

  10. Hi Noodles, Thanks for stopping by. I can't say that my human did anything special to make the seats work for us. We're pretty easy going pugs and were fine with it. In fact it made me feel more secure because I didn't like the car at all. Our humans let us try them before they drove us in them, maybe sitting in it with some treats before the driving would help you make you feel better. Treats make everything better! :D

  11. Wow, I have to sit on my mama's lap while I am in a car or Neko has to be on papa's lap... while he drives - I know it's not safe, but.... can't help it!! I freak out in a car if I am not on her !! Did I tell you we love leaving our fur everywhere? Especially our human's lap?