Thursday, January 26, 2012

Epic Australia Day!

Today when we got up Miss Mel was singing songs like this.
That's when we realised it must be the special day to celebrate Australia and being Australian.  So the humans went out and came back with a very special treat for us.
Kangaroo sausages!  Apparently they are gourmet ones and kangaroo is this super lean meat, so the humans were happy to give them to us.
We were desperate to have them and started using the orbs to make sure the humans didn't eat them for themselves.
 I'm not happy about the fact that Kai got more than me, he always gets more food than me.
 Whatevers with the sitting, just give us those sausages!
 Oh yeah they smelt sooooo good.
Nom nom nom!
Yes, I did try and get Kai's last sausage, but it's only fair, he got more than me!
After lunch the humans took us to a beach for dogs.  Dogs are allowed off their leash there but our humans aren't ready to let us go like that.  Apparently after the BBQ they want to be sure we'll listen when they call.  Plus there were some big dogs there and they weren't sure how'd we would react to them.
Today we tackled the water and I wasn't impressed.  I'm not having a bath, why am I getting wet?
Then the humans got out the treats and after that I couldn't care less about the water.  Water shomter, give me some of that liver!
We ran around in the water and I got nice and cool.  I hope we'll be going there again.  One of the humans there, that are not ours, said that lots of rescue dogs come there, so at least I'll know we'll have something in common with the others.

I had a great day, I hope your Australia day is just as fun!

(Note from Mel: No Ugg boots were hurt in the making of this blog post.)

(Second note from Mel: I'm nominating this as our new national anthem...Make sure you get to the rocking part!)


  1. Looks like you two had a super awesome day!!! I've never been to the, liver is the trick you say? I don't mind water though. Bath or rain or puddles. :D

  2. Happy Australia Day to you all !!! Our mom loves first video about Australia and its history. So many great actors, bands, movies were "born'in Australia. Mom loves Geoffrey Rush, and LOVES AC/DC :) Australia was VERY popular here in Poland in 80's, thanks to ... Return to Eden hahaha :)It was HUGE successe :) but who cares about some tv series, when you have SAUSAGES like that !!!!! we all went crazy watching the movie !!! and the beach and ocean and sun and summer, we can only dearm about it :( anyway it was GREAT day :) hugs and kisses PT

  3. Wonder how the sausage taste like... hmmmm, can we get one in US? Maybe not, huh? Ah, the sun, the beach, the wave.... let me dream about these and the sausage tonight.
    Mama wants to return there someday. She was there like 30 yrs ago (but only in Sydney) Papa visited Melbourne before when he was in college - means long time ago too.
    Mama is determined to stay up late to watch Murry vs Djokovic match tonight. Again, not enough sleep = crabby mama.

    Happy Australia day~

    1. You need to tell your Mama that she needs 18 hours a night just like all good pugs. ;D

  4. Hi my friends. You always have such interesting looking foods! You are lucky pups! Nummy nummy!
    Happy Australia Day to all of you! Great videos!
    Your ocean water must be warm. Mine is burrrrr cold, and its no fun to get wet.
    Your humans are smart to keep you on leashes. My humans do the same with me- no matter where I am.

  5. oh my gosh!
    that is an epic day!
    look at that yummy foooooood and the beeeeeeech!

    your post made our whole day and so did your comment on our blog. :)

    we are lucky to have friends like you!

    :) melissa & archie