Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunshine musings on bathing

I'm sitting in the sun today to dry off after having a bath.  I'm really not sure about this bathing business.  It's great to feel clean and I get all energetic afterwards.  But while I'm in the water I'm not very comfortable.  I usually keep one paw up, at least if I can keep one from getting wet it isn't so bad.

The only true benefit I can tell is that I get heaps of cuddles afterwards.  My humans keep picking me up and hugging me, telling me how good I smell.  I get as much lap time as I want!

I'm going to consult the couch, but I'd like to know what you guys think too.


  1. I love to take a bath! All that water then spray the 'rents afterwards! Remember if you're stinky, your 'rents wont hug you. Clean pug + hugs = treats!

  2. "clean pugs rock",, so I have heard. You look like you would smoles soooo sweet. Look how pretty you are sitting in the sun rays.

  3. what an incredibly adorable pug mug you have!!!! Love it!!

    I love bath time!!!! Well, I think I love the towel play time more, and the smelling fresh and good, but I still love the bath time.

  4. Miss Scarlet is not a big fan of baths. She stands up in the sink with her back to me as if she under arrest & I'm about to put pawcuffs on her. However, she does like getting toweled off and all the pug hugs that follow :)

    Meredith & Scarlet

  5. If you had seen bath time with Izzy, our Giant Schnauzer, you might all have a fresh (pun intended) perspective. Gammy called it a reinactment of WW III. I haven't yet convinced her that you can't have a reinactment of something that hasn't happened but she just rolls her eyes! Anyway, Izzy took the idea of bathing as a personal affront. I would get into my bathing suit, pick her up (this was an 80+ pound beast with at least 60 joints on her) and unceremoniously put her in the bathtub and pull the curtain shut. We would then proceed to see if I could get soap on her without losing a finger, hand, or arm. At least the blood drained quickly, being washed down by the shower hose! 30 minutes later she would jump out of the tub and shake 40 gallons of water all over Gammy's clean bathroom. Then, six towels later, she would leave the bathroom and gallop around the house running over anything man made, or simply man for that matter, who dared be in her path. I, being of saturated mind and body, simply limped into the bedroom and collapsed.

    Bathing a pug would be such a joy!


  6. So sorry, didn't mention how absolutely adorable you look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. oh gampy!!!!
    Buddy mom here ~ You should totally be a writer!!! Love reading your comments. hehehe.
    There are many dogs afraid of water. And the feeling of being confined {shower curtain}.
    I believe there are also dogs who fear they will fall. {no decals or bath mat}. But those are all just my opinions. :D

  8. Oh Gampy, I'm definitely a lot easier to bathe than Izzy! Mostly I freeze.

    Buddy's Mum, I get bathed in the laundry sink, so I don't so much feel confined as I can see out completely and the bottom is flat so I'm not worried about falling. I think I just don't like getting that last foot wet if I can help it!

    It's nice knowing that most everyone else is okay with it. I think for now I'll just enjoy the good stuff afterwards and put up with the wet stuff.

  9. I think I just tolerate them like you do. My mom had to get me a mat so I won't slip. Us pugs do look cute in and out of the water though and you are certainly no exception! I can see why you get so many snuggles and hugs!

  10. I left an award for you on my page because your an awesome blogger!

  11. According to our human, smelly goody is a great thing. I hate water, but I let my mama wash me so I can get extra treats after that.....
    So jealous, you got sunshine....


  12. Mama is watching Australian Open regiously (hence lack of sleep), it looks really hot. Are you guys near the tennis thingy is going on? How hot is it there?? Stay cool~


    1. We're in the same city Neko, so we did get the super hot day. It got to 36 degrees celsius, that's 97 degrees Fahrenheit she thinks. Our human kept the house cool and wet us down so we were as comfortable as possible...she didn't move much herself!

  13. oh you look so handsome and squeaky clean drying in the sun!

    seeing you always makes our day!

    a & m