Thursday, January 5, 2012

The HUGE Adventure

For our first Christmas our humans took us on a big adventure.  Before we got in the car they did a lot of things around the house.  I kept following them around hoping they'd sit down for cuddles but it didn't happen.  Next thing I knew they put on our harnesses and put us in the car.  Nothing strange about that, we love a good car trip.  But this car trip went on and on and on.  It even got dark outside.  It was really tough sitting in the pug seat for that long.  Kai and I both couldn't lay down properly and I didn't sleep well without Kai next to me.
Eventually our humans figured it out though and luckily they had our comfy cushion right underneath the pug seats.  They finally got the hint when Kai jumped out of his seat and laid down promptly going to sleep.  So we got to spend the rest of the day sleeping, thank goodness.  Really it felt like sleeping on the couch at home, just this one moved.
They did insist on us still having us tied down though so we couldn't jump in the front, such a shame it looked like it had a great view!  We tried very hard to sweet talk them, bark at them and orb them to get in the front but no luck.

It took two days of driving to get where we going and at the other end we found The Nan!  We also met The Pop and lots of other dogs and people.  There were so many others we didn't know what to do.  We kept trying to find our humans and felt happiest when we were with them.  Santi Paws came to visit all us dogs and we got pig ears to eat for Christmas.  They were so yummy.  Such a shame that Ginger the pug x chihuahua stole them all and hid them in the garden.
Ages later (Human note: a week and half) the humans start to do a lot of things again.  We got worried that they were going to leave without us, but luckily they put us in the car too.  It was two days again driving home, but we were a lot more comfortable this time.  On the way back the humans made a big deal about this Dish that we saw on the way back.  From what I could understand it has something to do with humans being on the moon, that the video of the first people landing on the moon came through there.  Honestly it sounds like fantasy to me, who would want to put enough energy in to get to the moon?  I think a far better use for this dish is to fill it with Bully Sticks and let me eat them!

When we arrived home we had lots of Christmas cards from pug friends around the globe so wanted to say a big thanks to them all.  *pug licks*


  1. they loved the car ride this time?!?!?! Hooray!!!! The pic of them is ssoooo cute!!!!! They look super happy! Awesomeness. :D
    It sounds like it was a great trip!!

  2. Totally agree with Buddy, love the sleeping beauty pic ! You two are perrrrfect couple.

    Love you mucho~


  3. That is a great adventure! My peeps wish that I would stay quiet in the car like you both did. Oh, well. I'm glad you got presents too and hope that you eventually found your pig ears. I have heard they are super yummy.
    PS. I love the pictures, especially the smiley tongue one!

  4. LOVED reading this! I couldn't agree more about the "dish" and the bully sticks :-). I'm glad everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday :-).