Saturday, January 28, 2012


 Today Miss Mel made this.  It's her chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.
But even though we looked at her like this and stayed in the kitchen the whole time, making sure we were near or under her feet the whole time to get her attention, she didn't share any with us.

The cake was to celebrate the ending of watching some tv show both our humans enjoyed.  They've been watching it for about as long as we've been with them.  All we really know about it is that we like to bark a lot at this guy:
I'm hoping the next show they watch has dogs in it, preferably pugs of course.  Though they make us bark too!  As long as there aren't any crying babies, that's the most important thing, they get me all upset.


  1. hahaha!! They bark at him!!! hahahaha. I can't stop laughing about that now!!

    Do you two wear your harness all the time? I thought that wasn't good for puggies? The harness could get caught on something and they could hurt themselves.

  2. I think I would bark at that guy too! That cake looks so good, Mom says now she is going to have to get off her butt and go bake one, hope she drops something.

  3. You need to get them to watch something that would involve a celebratory treat that they can share with you! That cake looks so yummy, and you two look so cute begging for some!

  4. Gee, I hope the next thing your mom makes- its something that you can eat! That cake looks so good, I can hardly stand to look at it!

    So tell mom to make something yummy, and get a nice puggy movie to watch- nuthin- scarys.
    OHHH and you two are tooooo cute for words.

  5. Our mama is drooling over the cake!!!

  6. This cake looks sooo yummy. Our mom loves all kind of cakes (but it can't contain raisins:)). Next time when your Humans will start to watch new show, make sure you make new rules !!! cake for humans, treats for you :) love PT